Dog Training – Researching the Bloodline

Okay, let’s see, um, here we go, says here that it will make a great family pet, is an excellent choice especially if you have children, needs a large yard where it can get lots of exercise, and of course he has good looks. What else, okay, here it says it has a mixture of sporting breeds, retriever, setter, and bloodhound. There is also a bonus, it says here 토토추천 that this breed is easy to train, and is friendly, makes friends wherever he goes. Males can weigh up to 75 pounds and females somewhat smaller. No doubt about it, he will get along with the kids, he is gonna love our yard, and mom says she doesn’t like dogs, but wait till she sees what we picked out. Not to mention we will probably have fun training him. All we have to do now is pick out a name . Okay, let’s see, um…

Sound familiar? The anticipation of getting a dog or a puppy was always exciting when I was growing up. I used to watch T.V. and practically grew up with Lassie, I loved Lady and the Tramp and my favorite song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow also came with a dog named Toto in the movie Wizard of Oz. A dog, by no means, we had to get. We came home from school one day and there he was, our own little Tramp, a mixed breed. Happy happy , joy joy, that little dog was the best loved dog in the whole wide world.

Well, back then my parents probably went to the pound, asked the worker there a few questions about the dog and poof, all of a sudden it was ours.

Nowadays, life is simple you can do research on the type of dog you plan to adopt, buy, or even if your friend wants to give you one. There are a lot of resources out there, magazines, books, the internet, the Humane Society, or you can ask a veterinarian.

Ask these questions when doing the research:

1. What breed of dog? Check bloodline; if it is a mixed breed, check all that apply.

2. What were they bred for? Hunting, working, guarding. Some were bred to simply be a companion and to be admired.

3. Will they do well in the city? Apartment, small home. In the country? Big yard, wide open spaces.

4. How are they with children, strangers, with other pets and animals?

5. How much exercise do they need? All dogs need exercise, some more than others.

6. Do they train easily, what age is best, are they quick to learn, or do they get distracted easily, making for a longer training period?

All dogs have a distinguishing quality or characteristic. When chosen to do a specific job or task, their bloodline is taken into consideration.

No matter what kind of dog you own, or plan to own, do your research, find out your dogs’ strong points along with his weaknesses. It is a great way to choosing what kind of dog to get that matches up with your family environment. It is also a good starting point before taking on the task of training.

Before I end this:

1. Lassie -Collie

2. Lady -Cocker Spaniel, Tramp -mixed breed, her friends, Jock – Scottish Terrier, Trusty-Bloodhound.

3. Toto- Cairn Terrier

4. The best all around dog that moms’ gonna love- Golden Retriever

Planning on training your puppy or dog? No matter what the intended purpose be,you should want them to behave in a way that makes them pleasant to be around.You want to keep them safe, and in turn, provide for the safety of other people and pets.


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