A State Department official who declined

According to the statement “all the financial transactions and activities alleged to be in violation of law were signed and approved by the Board of Directors and board chairman of the company, and subject to quarterly and annual audits … by Ernst & Young.”

No formal charges were filed for the first 13 months of his detention.

A spokesman at the UAE Embassy in Washington said it had no comment on the the case.

Shahin’s lawyers, James Jatras and Eric Akers, can do nothing to speed the case along.

“Usually there’s a hearing every two months,” Akers said. They don’t always go as planned. “Sometimes the arbitrators show up, sometimes the witnesses show up, sometimes they don’t.”

Soha moved back to Houston six months after her husband’s arrest. Now, their son is 21 and their daughter 16.

“There have been a lot of occasions (in their lives) that he missed,” Soha said in an interview. “These software development company austin things are very important for a family to see together.”

‘Extremely frustrating’

A State Department official who declined to be identified said, “We have definitely been actively engaged with the UAE government and with the officials in Dubai since Mr. Shahin was initially arrested and then incarcerated.”

But Jatras said, “It is extremely frustrating to see this kind of essentially studied silence, at least public silence when it comes to what American officials are willing to say publicly about Zack’s case, which is frankly the only kind of representation the Emirates will take seriously.”

He added, “The decision to keep him in jail is essentially not a judicial decision, it’s a political decision. php software development company If political authorities in our government spoke out about it, I’m confident it could be resolved. If they don’t, then somebody, somewhere, will keep him in jail for as long as they want for whatever reason they want.”

While php web development company the road has been long and frustrating for the family and Shahin’s legal team, Akers has hope that headway may be made soon.

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