Boosting Your Job Boards for Graduate Jobs Seekers – Part 2

In part 1 of this article we spoke about enhanced job boards and the criteria that all should be set around to make searching for a relevant job much easier.job board The options which include multiple role choices around industries and sectors, custom keywords and contract length was also discussed as features that all job boards should include. Here are some more elements that should be included to help graduate job seekers apply for the roles they are looking for.

Once the graduate jobs seeker has found a potential job role the application process needs to be streamlined and detailed enough so the ad can be followed up with ease. Ideally a CV should be included in the application. A one click system should be used to allow the logged in user to add a covering note and their CV to the site and then click to submit.

For a more advanced graduate board it may be worthwhile integrating a section for the applicant to ask questions to get a better understanding of the role on offer. Many job boards fail or provide insufficient details when advertising a graduate job so including the sections mentioned above can help cut down on the error margin and improve your sites competitive edge. The communication channels between the agency, the employer and the candidate will then be opened to discuss the role.

One thing that should be avoided is aggregated lists used to build up listings on your job boards. Many people in charge of these online boards look to boost the number of job advertisements or aim to create a board that appears to be busy by pulling together lists from other boards. However, many issues and problems arise when this is the case. Often you will see duplicate postings on a particular jobs board when the job board itself is pulling in a an aggregated listing. This will pose a problem for graduate jobs seekers as they will need to view multiple duplicates before they find a graduate job which is relevant. Also, when you have multiple posts of the same jobs, the text in the advertisement may vary somewhat leaving the candidate confused about what is on offer to them. If your content is found on other sites it can also look unprofessional to the user and they may not progress any further. The best possible option to avoid all problems happening is for the job boards administrators to post unique advertisements up to the web giving as much relevant information to the candidate as possible.


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