Canadian man wants to make his broke girlfriend sign an agreement before he buys a house for them

A man who asked for advice before buying a house to share  lol Reddit with his former addict girlfriend and her child has been told to cover himself legally before taking the plunge.

The Canadian man took to Reddit to detail his situation. He wrote that he has been in a relationship with a woman for the past three years, having met her when she was a recovering addict with a two-month old baby.

After rising up the ranks in his job and a string of successful investments, he is in a position to buy a home. However, he expressed concern that his girlfriend would be entitled to half of everything under Canada’s common law parameters if they split.

Signing the dotted line: A man asked whether he should have his girlfriend sign a ‘cohabitation agreement’ before he buys a house for them (stock image)

After posting to Reddit, almost 500 people offered the man advice on what to do next.

He explained: ‘I’ve been making a six figure salary working tons of overtime in the trades at a large factory. I’ve been really saving hard this last year and have been making good money off my investments which means I’ll be able to buy a house early next year.’

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