Enjoy Dubais Dolphin Show Dubai Creek Park

Often called the ‘Land of the Desert’, the city of Dubai is quite the well-known tourist destination for visitors all over the world. Apart from having many architectural marvels, the city also has an array of events, festivals and attractions for keeping tourists entertained. For instance, you can check out the adorable dolphin show in the Dubai Creek Park when you are done visiting the famous Burj al Arab hotel.

https://richyevents.com There is literally never a dull moment, especially when in the luxurious city of Dubai where anything seems possible. The Dubai Dolphinarium, set within the Dubai Creek Park is an indoor air-conditioned facility which houses these adorable sea creatures.

At this location, you will get the chance to see the dolphins up close and personal. Renowned for their extraordinary performances, the graceful and playful bottlenose dolphins are sure to capture your heart as they entertain you with a variety of performances, acrobatic shows, jumping through hoops and even dancing, painting and juggling.

Besides the adorable Dolphins, the Creek Park Bird Show, opened in 2008, is another stop you can make to enjoy a day of complete amazement and entertainment. Book your tickets and get a front row seat to some of the most fantastic performances that will entertain and enthral you when you go visiting Dubai. Don’t forget to visit the mirror maze as well as one of a kind 5D and 7D cinemas in Dubai!

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