The Jets are not only a bad football team

Mitch Allen hired 17 Santas, a Mrs. Claus, a snowman and reindeer for his Shark Tank pitch.(Tony Rivetti / ABC)

“And we spent hundreds of hours preparing, but I would gladly do it all over again,” Allen said. Corcoran’s expertise and the exposure from being on the show more than make up for it.

Already on Monday, he said, he’s heard from additional Santas who want to be added to his list and from several potential clients.

Allen has lived in the Dallas area for more than 20 years and grew up near Lubbock in Denver City. He’s a graduate of Texas Tech and considers himself an entrepreneur. He has two other internet-based companies in the digital advertising business.

Fast-forward to this week’s matchup between the Jets and Dolphins, Gase’s first game against his former team. New York is a 1-6 football team that somehow seems more of a complete mess than the Dolphins, who have dedicated the 2019 football season to being as terrible as possible without making it completely obvious that such thing is the goal.

However, the Jets are not only a bad football team, but also they had a pu-pu platter of locker room drama, front-office tug-o-war contests, and all the textbook passive-aggressiveness that comes with Gase. Let’s watch as Mehta finds out for himself what Miami Dolphins fans could have told him ten months ago: Gase ain’t it, chief.

After the Jets started 0-3, you could tell Mehta began to doubt himself. Was he wrong? Could it be? WAS THERE EVIDENCE THE JETS HAD DID A WRONG?!

After some positivity that the team would turn it around after the bye week, Mehta found himself back in his feelings as the Jets lost 31-6 to the Eagles to fall to 0-4. Poor Mehta. If only he would have listened.

Insert the “This Is Fine” meme here.

Gase is not the savior. He is now who he was in Miami — an overrated so-called offensive guru who is spectacularly bad at handling his players and takes zero blame when his teams aren’t successful. Let’s watch Mehta get all the poison out:

Contect us: rent a Santa

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